Friday, May 12, 2006

They LIED!

So I was over joyed to find out who my person was for SP8. I emailed them to a point where I was afraid they were terrified of me. Then my SP8 hostess emailed me to tell me she had to change things and I got a new SP8. So I obviously got messages in my blog from the person who thought she had me, but now that's changed so I've still yet to be contacted by the person who really has my name. I guess it's understandable though seeing as how they probably got theirs changed around too.

Now I have a new person to stalk! YAY!

Here's a picture. Of the baby sweater. It's all I've been working on lately. This is the back of it. The pattern says something about working through the + sign but mine won't be long enough at that point so I'll be making stuff up to get to 7 and 3/4 inches. :-D


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