Friday, May 05, 2006

Soooooooo close.

So the radio station just had a contest thing, and I rushed to call in, must be caller number seven. Don't really care about the group performing the mini concert thing, but it would be cool to go no matter what. I was caller number 6. One away from caller 7. GAH!

This is my new project, and look, there's green! GREEN! On my GREEN Bed!

I didn't have much project spectrum last month. A new car came to live with us, and it was perfect for project spectrum April, but my mom would have killed me if I took a picture of it in the garage and then put it on my blog. As luck has it my camera was never around when the car was out of the garage. It's an orange '73 Volkswagen Super Beetle. If I ever get a picture I'll post it. If not, maybe I'll go steal one from my sister's blog.


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