Thursday, May 04, 2006


Well I feel like I've got nothing accomplished this week. My first week with no school and nothing to show for it except this scarf.

oh, and I've spun some yarn up with the spinning wheel. Then I wound it into skeins with my brand new niddy-noddy! That was quite exciting actually.

So now I have four skeins of yarn, of the lovely blue/purple/white that I'm not so fond of anymore. It looks pretty grey when it's all spun together. There's a ton of it too. I have about 150 yards of the thicker stuff. Which is somewhere between a worsted weight and a bulky (I think, never actually did the wpi). It's amazing how much my spinning has changed from the first bobbin to the last. The first was thin compare to the first spinning I did on a drop spindle, but the rest of the bobbins were all really thin, almost half of the first.

I don't even know how many yards I have of the thinner stuff. I tried to count, but there's so much of it I lost track and interest. No clue what I'm going to do with all this. I think I'll be making a scarf or two, maybe a shawl with the thinner yarn. I still have some roving left to spin so I'll probably have another two skeins of the thinner yarn when I'm all done.

Unfortunately I can't get a decent picture of it at 11:42 pm. So I'll try to get one tomorrow showing the two thicknesses. I have a feeling everything I spin is going to end up in a scarf. The thinner stuff is almost sock weight, but I'd be afraid to make socks out of handspun yarn... then again, if it gets destroyed I wouldn't be too heartbroken... there's just so much of it! I never would have imagined I could get this much yarn out of 8 oz of roving. Never. Heck, this makes me wonder how much yarn I'll get out of the purple/orange stuff living in my closet. It weighed in at a pound. Twice as much.

My order from Knitpicks hasn't come... I'm quite sad. It's been shipped though! So I'm waiting... and I have a feeling I'll be waiting for awhile. I'm sure as soon as I give up, it'll show.


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