Monday, May 01, 2006

A small FO

Started and finished an 8 inch square for charity today. This is the same one I frogged on Saturday. Did it in no time at all too! Gotta love quick projects.

I've also casted on for my second square.

I have a feeling I'll be making most of these squares, but hey, if it gets rid of my stash and helps people, all the better.

I came home today ready to post a picture of a green UFO I was working on, only to take it out and realize I've finished it already. Huh. How could I forget something as huge as that?


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Sooo jealous that you get to go to the Fiber Show- we have nothing like that in AK! BTW, I just now noticed that I didn't put yer link back on my sidebar after it went belly up. I'll get it back there one of these days...

8:33 PM  

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