Friday, May 19, 2006

Raglan Seams?

Ok, so I'm working away at the baby sweater. I started one of the sleaves last night and I started reading ahead because weird things were happening. First, it never told me to bind off the front of the sweater. I'm not sure if I just didn't understand the directions, or if I wasn't supposed to bind off. The picture definitely saved me. Thankfully. Looked at the picture, saw what they did, and changed the directions so it worked.

Now it says something like this:

Sew 3 raglan seams, leaving left front raglan seam open.

First I thought this was some sort of fancy seam, but because I couldn't find anything about it online I'm going to assume it's just a regular seam.

I'm off to work on the sleaves. I'm hoping to finish those this weekend and maybe sew up this sweater so I can focus on Adamas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A raglan seam is basically a 'regular seam' -- it generally means to sew the raglan sleeve to the main sweater. What they want you to do here, my guess is (not sure what pattern you're using), is to sew front and back of the right arm into place, but only sew the back half of the left arm in. This is probably because -- guessing again -- this is a pullover, and they're going to want you to knit the collar back-and-forth, rather than in the round; once the collar is done, you sew up the left raglan sleeve seam in front, along with seaming the collar shut.

-- yer Pal.

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