Sunday, May 14, 2006

I love tea

Because there's no new exciting knitting to show since earlier this morning when I updated I'm showing you my present I got in the mail.

My aunt sent me tea. I love tea. A lot. It's almost to an obsessive point. Kinda like

So yes. It's pretty good tea too. And because I'm so tea obsessed I decided I was going to grow my own herbs to make tea this summer. They're growing too. The mint seems to be getting tangled up in itself but I'll blame it on it's vine like qualities. The lemon balm is doing pretty well too. My strawberries are another story. I wasn't watering my plants like I was supposed to. I was very afraid I would over water, so I underwatered. My dad has been making fun of me for it too. I was underwatering that much. :-D


Anonymous beverly said...

Thanks for the pattern link! Enjoy your tea...nothing like a good cuppa...

7:45 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Yeah, just let the mint do its thing... it does get all messy and wild, but it is such a "weed"... that is one you could underwater and it would probably be OK. Had to chuckle at yer underwatering the strawberries... I understand, since I either hover obsessively or totally ignore my plants (there is no in between).

3:09 AM  

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