Thursday, May 18, 2006

I heart my SP

So I decided I was going to be in touch with nature today so I stuck my knitting in a bag, grabbed my cell phone, something to drink, and then tossed it on the counter. I figured I should get the mail rather than leave it in the mailbox all day.

On my way to the mailbox I started to rain. GAH! I finally though the rain was stopping. That's all it's done this week! Rain!

Well... this leads me to my point. I had mail from my SP.

Tea! TEA! I love tea! I've always been a big Lipton fan, but I never knew they had the flavors that my SP sent me. Caramel and Cookies & Cream. It's amazing how many different kinds of tea are out there. She also sent me some organic tea, green tea (which I love), Irish breakfast (which I also love), and other ones which I've never heard of but I'm dying to try.

Definitely made my day. Thanks SP!

Which reminds me. I've been on a quest to find things that will be perfect for my SP. I have a feeling I'll buy everything at once and send them over a period of time. I'm hoping to pick up some things for my SP at the upcoming fiber festival. How could I not find something for my pal there? It's a fiber festival! They have everything!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Ashley! The unusual Lipton flavors are from Australia :-) I spend a month there every two years, and do a lot of tea shopping.

I like your square, btw :-)

— yer Pal

12:54 PM  
Blogger Sourire11 said...

how fun!

1:07 PM  

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