Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Look! A FO! Who would have thought. This is a scarf that I started a few weeks ago. I'm not big on tracking actual start dates, but I know I started it in the month of May because I made a big deal about the green in the scarf. Well here it is photographed on my green comforter. I'm so proud of myself for using green.

Does the scarf look short to you? It seems so short to me but it's 40 some inches which is exactly the length the girl who is getting it wanted. She wanted a scarf that was her arm length, that way when it hung down it would hit where her hands do at her side. Quite ingenious. I'd never thought of it that way before. Well, she's 10, which made the scarf go much quicker seeing how it's half the length the pattern called for.

Pattern close up! Love the woven thing.

This pattern is called Long and Skinny and was out of the Knit Scarves! book. I love those books. Well... I love the options they bring to me. Done on my Denise Interchangeable Needles, size 10.5. Made out of quality Red Heart. Most of the yarn came from my stash which is even better. I only had to buy the dark purple and red because I didn't have the right shades of dark purple and red in my stash already. Of course I have tons left. I think I'll make some charity scarves, maybe some hats, or even mittens. I like mittens.

I also have some scarf ideas that I found in one of those magazines I subscribe too and it says I need six colors, so I might just use the same colors I used for this scarf because they look great together. So bright and happy like.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Very chic scarf! I think the length is parfait for a ten-year-old... I dig the contrast in colors.

BTW, I love mittens... and you know what's funny, I'm almost finished with my first pair! I can't believe I took so long in my knitting "career" to make a pair. I think they are my new fave charity item...

3:06 AM  
Blogger kdk said...

I love the scarf -- great colors! And I'm sure it'll be the perfect length...

8:31 AM  
Blogger foxylady said...

OMGoodness I LOVE this scarf! You did such a great job and the colors look SO good together! *waves*

10:54 AM  

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