Monday, May 15, 2006


So last night I gained a new obsession: podcasts. I've been toying with the Cast On website for awhile trying to get them to play. Turns out the reason it wasn't working for me what my whole impatientness.

I went exploring last night, downloaded iTunes and proceeded to download many knitting podcasts. I've already unsubscribed to two of them because they just sucked. I won't mention them here though. They were okay, but not for me.

I still have tons to go through and as I find ones I like I'll list them over in the side bar. If it's some real serious love, maybe, just maybe, I'll post a review.

First off, Cast On is great. I've listened to just a few of the first episodes, but it's definitely great. I've heard so many great things on that one from reading the blogs of others too.

Second I found CraftLit. I like knitting, and books. So it's just great for me. I've started through the first episodes and I like it so far. She does some quick talking about her then she jumps into books. The first couple episodes have the recording of Pride & Prejudice. It's great. I didn't listen to it tons though because I'm reading P&P for the first time and I don't want the podcast to ruin it for me. If you like books, it's pretty cool. There's more from the stories than actual knitting content, but if you like stories, they're great to knit to.

Links are on the side and you don't need a podcast to check them out. I definitely don't have one.


Blogger Sourire11 said...

Thanks for the podcast links! I’ve been looking for something other than NPR to listen to at work…. I listened to the first craftlit episode this morning and really enjoyed it.

11:44 AM  

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