Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekend with Knitting

Didn't finish much of anything this weekend which is somewhat sad to say. I did make some (but not much) progress on my jaywalker. I finished up my hat and started sewing up more booties for charity. I also finished the knitting portion of the legwarmers I was working on. All that's left is to sew them up.

This leads me to my question... Should I put a pom pom on the top of the baby hat. I usually do, but I'll have to use a different yarn because I don't think it's possible to make a nice looking pompom out of the stuff I used for the rest of the hat. It's somewhat of a "fancy" baby yarn and as soon as you cut it with scissors the whole thing unravels.

I had three pictures but blogger isn't loading them.

I'll try to add them in later, if you're debating about the pom pom check back a few entries where I showed the green hat I made. All comments are appreciated.

OH WAIT! I've found if I sit long enough blogger will eventually load the pictures!

My lovely RED Jaywalker.

Lovely PINK hat and bootie. Bootie not yet completed. The big debate, pom pom or no pom pom, and what color to make it. I'm thinking white.

Legwarmers! I think I might just sew them up tonight and get rid of them tomorrow. Hurrah for finished projects.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

What cute goodies! Your jaywalkers look good, despite your fear that the gauge might be off. I'm SO bad about knitting swatches- I just like to roll with the punches. I mean, knitted fabric stretches, right? ;-)

3:20 PM  
Blogger kdk said...

Your Jaywalker is beautiful! Which yarn is that? As for the pom pom, I vote that you leave the hat pom-pom-less. It's cute as it is -- don't worry about messing with yarn that unravels.

9:19 AM  
Blogger Miss Emmi Lou said...

mommy LOVES the hat! she's made baby hats before, with pom poms, but thinks that your hat would look better without one.

it's adorable!

9:17 PM  

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