Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Another New Project

Started the bribe gift legwarmers yesterday. The girl who I'm bribing is thrilled. They are really nice. Lovely cheap acrylic (of course), double stranded, on size 10s. VICTORY! Size 10 needles, not the 7s that I have another project on which I have come to hate with passion. I like the pattern. Nice and easy. Now all I have to do is repeat over and over and over and over.

Now I just have to figure out the purse pattern. I should do it but I just don't want to. I have that gut feeling I should just rip back to the problem and bind off 6 instead of 8. The thing is I just don't want to rip it. Oh well. I must do it sometime. That and I have to go buy the zipper and handle for the purse. Maybe I'll go do that after I get done reading all those blogs I read.


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