Friday, March 10, 2006

The Purse

OKay! So I fixed it. It's all knitted, now I just have to do the finishing, my least favorite part. (Remind me in the future to knit everything in the round) I think this is why I'm going to like sock knitting so much. ROUND!

Okay, so I've attached the handle, woven all the ends in and noticed a problem. Not a pattern problem because I've fixed all those, but my gague. It was correct when I started but after my hands took a beating I must have loosened up a littly. Unfortunatley the area affected is where my zipper goes. The problem is that it overlaps. What to do. My boyfriend's recommendation was to just take scissors to it. Of course the pure thought of the purse unraveling makes me sick. I thought about starting over. It really didn't take that long to do. I just don't want to. I don't know. I need advice. Maybe I should just sew it up and pretend this was the way it's supposed to be. I'll take a picture and post it later, maybe tomorrow. I don't have time right now because I should be leaving for work.


Blogger Miss Emmi Lou said...

hi ashley! was that dog sweater pattern you were talking about knitted or crocheted?

what part of ohio are you from? mommy and i are from the athens, ohio area.

7:18 PM  

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