Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I will finish this sweater!

I will, I will, I will. I just don't want to. I enjoy the whole knitting process, but this weaving in ends and attaching parts is killing me. I haven't even started sewing the parts on yet, I'm just weaving in.

I will finish though... eventually.

Adamas is tempting me though. Speaking of Adamas... I dropped a stitch last night while watching Leno. I was laughing too hard and just dropped the needles. Or maybe I sneezed, I can't quite remember what I did but the needles were dropped. (ETA: Did I ever mention that I just don't like lifelines? I'm knitting this shawl without the lifelines and stitch markers... they just annoy me.) Pat me on the back because some how I was able to pick things up and keep going. Can't even tell I dropped them in the first place. I love my crochet hook. It saved the day.

Maybe I'll go work on Adamas and worry about the sweater another day. A little each day will keep me sane.


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