Thursday, November 09, 2006

I don't like my spindle. It wobbles and just looks like it's off. I don't care though because it was cheap, and it is lighter than my ashford meaning I can spin thinner yarns.

After getting some blue sample roving off the spindle I dug out my Cherry Tree Hill roving. It's gorgeous... and I love it. Funny thing, when I went to the Cherry Tree Hill site it said this was for felting... you think they would aim towards spinners? Maybe I'm missing some horrible flaw. lol.

These socks are currently nagging me. I'm just so freaking sick of Sock Wars.... This is the 3rd pair. Sock number 6. I'm bored... I want to spin. I'm almost done... so hopefully it'll happen this weekend.


Blogger monica said...

I am kind of glad I didn't sign up for that one. I don't know how many of the same sock I could have knit. I hope you get to spin soon.

1:17 AM  

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