Sunday, April 09, 2006


So I ripped the sock on Saturday and it haunted me all weekend. I just wanted to finish it and have my perfect sock. I spent all that time knitting this weekend and got almost nowhere.

Then I got out my orange/green/yellow scarf to work on. After working for a few minutes that nagging feeling that it was going to be too long came back to me, so I just figured why not. Rip. Turns out I was right about it. It was definitely huge. With it around my neck both ends touched the floor, which is over 10 feet of scarf.

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After all the ripping I did manage to complete something. My green scarf also from way back when. It's made out of cotton and on one small corner the stitch definition is practically non-existant. I'll blame the yarn and it's incredible softness. It's a basic giant seed stitch thing. (Sorry, don't know the fancy names)

It's nice to know I accomplished something.


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