Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Had a pretty busy day Tuesday. School was the usual, and after school was work. Had stitch 'n bitch later that night, and by the time I got home, watched a TV show, my night was gone. I had so many good intentions, things I wanted to get done, and none of it got done. Miracilously though things managed to work out. I love when that happens.

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So, I turned the heel yesterday, and last night while watching Nashville Star I picked up and knitted the stitches along the side. After that I did a round or so and noticed a hole. Not sure why it's there but it is. I have a feeling it's from picking up stitches. I think where I picked up the stitches is fine, so I must not have pulled a string tight enough when working. The reason I say this is because the other side is perfect, well at least it has no obvious holes. The hole isn't bothering me too much though. I plan on going back at the end and closing it up, weaving in the ends, and my hole will magically disappear. I had this same probelm with my first glove I ever made. There were little holes around one of the fingers. It was fixable, and the mistake wasn't noticeable. So I'm going to use that experience and hope it works out here as well. I'm pretty sure though, when reading through blogs, I've come across others who've said they had holes in around the same place on their Jaywalkers. So maybe I'm not totally alone.


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