Monday, April 17, 2006

Quite the thrilling day.

So I rolled out of bed much later than usual this morning and headed off to the Y with my sister. Worked out for an hour or so.

Came home, go the mail, and guess what came. A prize! A few weeks ago I entered a contest on Jenn's blog. Shockingly enough, I won. I never expected it to get here this quick, but it definitely made my day.

After all this excitement I decided to run over to the yarn shop which is a good 15-20 minutes from my home. I love this store. They are my supplier of cheap acrylic. So I arrived with hopes of tracking down dark purple and red Red Heart. That was amazingly easy. That's just how much I love this store. So then I went off in search of circular needles and other things with which to make socks. Didn't find the 0s I was hoping they would have, but I did walk of with some 1s, 2s and 3s. I also grabbed a pair of 4s to make baby hats because my wood needles slow me down. Day couldn't get better.

Went to my car, and there were these long black scraps up the side. ARH! I hate when people scratch my car. It annoys the daylights out of me. So I stood there for a whole 15 seconds and scratched at the spots to see if maybe they would just come off. No such luck. Unlocked my door and reached for the handle. It didn't budge. Handle was jammed. But wait, how would that happen? Apparently the giant scratches were there from when some moron backed into the side of my car. That's what we're guessing at least. No one saw it happened.

My day took a definite plunge.

So I went back into the store to see if I could borrow their phone (I managed to leave my cell at home!). Called my mom. The lady at the store came out to look because there was no one in there. After talking we concluded either a SUV, a pick up or a semi got me. The marks were up too high for it to have been a car. She went back inside and called around back to see if they were free to come check out my car. There's a mechanic/welding shop around the back which is owned by the Yarn Shop lady's husband. Someone came around, played with the handle to get the door open and told me to pull the car around back. I pulled the car around and wandered around petting the dog and cat while they worked on my handle. Ta da! Car looks good as new. Handle looks fine, but if you try to lift it up you can tell it jams a little. Still. Much better. Didn't get charged either. Well the owner of the mechanic shop took my name address and phone number just in case, and as he was writing down my street name he comment on the area I lived in. This shocked me a bit because most people don't assosciate my street with the area I live. He proceeded to tell me his grandson used to live back there. His grandson was my neighbor, before he got married and moved. Shocking. My old neighbor's grandmother owns the knitting shop, his grandfather runs the mechanic/welding place. Small world. So we stood and talked about my neighbor for awhile and what he's been doing lately. Life is definitely funny sometimes.

I've come to the conclusion cars just don't like me. Last Wednesday the car I was traveling in lost it's wheel. If the car would have gone another 6 inches to the right the whole thing would have flipped. Today my car took a lovely little blow. The only reason there isn't a dent in my driver's side door, is because I have a plastic car. Three cheers for my plastic car.

Hope everyone had a great Easter.


Blogger Leslie said...

What an action-packed day you've had... I just wanted to thank you for the tip about resizing on Photobucket.

7:32 PM  
Blogger Sourire11 said...

What a day! Yeah my husband’s car got backed into in a parking lot by a suv or a truck – there’s a huge dent in the back panel because of it. It sucks when people do that and don’t ‘fess up…. Very rude! Glad that you were able to get it fixed, though!

11:09 AM  

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