Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Orange Sock!


Ok. So today I decided I needed to make an orange sock that would be convienient to travel with. Found a toe-up pattern and got ready to begin. Now this is one of those generic patterns that tells you find your gauge, mulitply this and this and add/subtract other random stuff to find out how many stitches you need. Great. I can handle that, yup Calc. I can do the whole addition thing.

So I started and was off to a great start. I can't tell you how excited I was. Then I started decresing the short row things. First off I did it wrong but that wasn't really my problem. I took a good look at the sock, and then my foot. Now I've come to the conclusion that my problem with socks is that my feet are deformed. Deformed! First off, I don't have "pointy" feet. All my toes are pretty much the same length. I have what my mom refers to as "boxy feet".

Fortunately the sock pattern I have allows for fixes like this, and for my short, fat, boxy little feet, I have a feeling I'll be doing quite the alterations.

I'm looking at the good side though. I've always wanted to learn how to "change" patterns so that I could change the shaping in sweaters because I don't have the best figure. Socks will be perfect practice.

My mom told me to just make socks for other people, but that's sad. I bought pretty yarn for me, and I want socks for me. :-( I will not give up yet!

Enjoy the orange for April, it might not be back till after finals week. ;-)


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