Monday, July 31, 2006

Then there were 4.5

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Now after some plying this weekend I have four and a half skeins of my lovely self-striping kool-aid dyed yarn. Not sure what I can make out of it. I really have no ideas when it comes to things like this. Right now, I think it'll take me all four and a half skeins to get a scarf. But in total, this was 8 oz of fiber (before dying), and I feel like I should have more than enough to make a scarf.


Blogger Sorka said...

woo hoo! you need a yarn meter.. just go to the sporting goods store and get a line meter for fishing line clamp it somehwhere and run your yarn through it.. then you will know how many yards you have!!
It would make a cool hat!! well.. a warm one..hehe

11:24 AM  

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