Thursday, July 27, 2006

Does this count as a FO?

I made this.
Actually I made this on Tuesday, and it was drying when I was posting about Adamas. I would have updated yesterday about it but I spent all day in Delaware, OH, because we went down to visit my sister for parents night at band camp.

In other not so great news... My cousins apartment burned to the ground. They barely got out in time. The more we find out the worse the story gets. The smoke alarms had been beeping so apparently they took out the batteries. So then of course, when the apartment caught fire there was no warning. Two of my cousins, and the oldests baby live in this apartment. The baby is not two weeks old. So the boyfriend/father of the baby was staying the night. He heard an explosion and woke up, to flames. No one else was even awake, so he woke his girlfriend up, grabbed the baby and then got the younger sister up. They made it out by pure luck. The pets survivd too even though they were forgotten about in all the chaos. So three families are without homes, it was arson, and everything is gone including the car that was in the garage.


Blogger Sorka said...

Yes.. that counts as a finished object!!

ACK!! I am emailing you!!

3:06 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

wow - i'm glad ur cousins are ok...what a terrible thing to have happen.

the yarn is lovely...can't wait to see what it becomes!

10:47 PM  

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