Monday, July 24, 2006

Fun with Mail.

I would love to post about the shawl and show you the finished pictures, but my mom took it to work with her to show everyone, and it probably won't be back till tomorrow night.

Until then I will entertain you with what came in the mail today. A cute little package from my SP!

All sorts of goodies.
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There's a crochet hook/dpn/other random thing holder, cute little notecards with a knitter on them, some magnet like things, dark chocolate (which looks amazing), and of course there was yarn. Hand-dyed sock yarn to be specific. The yarn has all sorts of colors in it. There's lots of blue and some browns. One skein seems quite a bit darker than the other, so I'm not sure if I'm going to do the whole every other row with a different skein kinda thing, or just knit one sock with each color and ignore the fact that there's a slight difference in color. I guess I could just make each skein into two smaller balls, then just do the whole alternating thing.
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Blogger Jennifer said...

what a nice secret pal! i have those lil notecards, fun!
can't wait to see what wonderfulness you create w/ the yarn : )

7:20 PM  

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