Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Late again!

So I took out my new needles last night and cast on the first sleeve of my orange baby sweater. I immediately hated the needles. They drove me mad. I like plastic better than wood needles, but I still feel like the yarn just sticks to them. But I had no choice. I couldn't just post about how the needles were driving me insane... that would be mean, especially after my SP was so kind to send them my way.

This was yesterday. After almost finishing the first sleeve tonight and getting over halfway done with the second sleeve, I'm now in love with these needles. They are amazing.

Yes, the needles I hated yesterday, are my absolute favorites today. I love my SP. I really, really love my SP. Just when I thought I really wasn't going to like them, I figured out the correct tension for using them and things are flying along. I'm very, very happy.

As for the title "Late again!". Baby was born at 11:06 this morning, and as of that time I had just started the first sleeve. She was a little early, so that's my excuse. Apparently mom and baby are good. I now have two second cousins. Both boys. Someone really needs to have girls.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey. It totally would have been okay. Everyone has things that work for them and things that don't. I would not have been offended! But, I'm glad that you found a way to make them work. Your sweater is looking SO CUTE!!!!!

- Yer Pal.

2:27 PM  

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