Thursday, July 06, 2006


I have a Semi-FO! I casted something off the needles! (at least until I run into needles for the sleeves.) Yup. This sweater looks long. Really long for how thin it is. I'm really hoping when I add sleeves it'll even out a lot. I'm starting to think about the next baby sweater, and the other 2130298098 projects I want to start. There are now 3 shawls I really want to make, but every time I see another shawl pattern I want to run out and buy it. Speaking of buying yarn... I'm on a yarn diet. Not so much that I can't buy yarn because I have to much, but an actual food diet. So I was looking for motivation. I like yarn! Let's use that! I like point systems. Do something good you get points! Do something wrong... points go bye bye... After I get so many points they will turn into yarn money. My boyfriend is in charge of my points... and he's not nice about stuff like this. I find if I lock myself in my bedroom and don't go near the kitchen, I'm not hungry at all. But it's the second that I walk into the kitchen, or living room that's attached to kitchen, that I'm starving and I need to eat everything in sight. So while I'm hiding out in my room expect many, many posts. Hopefully my hands will be kept busy knitting.

I'm still working on the mini jaywalker. It will be tried on tomorrow.

And it will fit like a dream!

ETA: It fit! It fit! It's a little snug but she seems to like it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweater's lookin' good! I hope the needles will arrive today or tomorrow.. sorry it's taking so long.

The mini jaywalker is darling :-)

You're looking good there!

I like the idea of a yarn-rewards diet. I'd try it myself if I had any self control :-/

- Yer Secret Pal

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