Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Had our little knitting group last night. 4 people were there! It was amazing! Usually it's somewhere around 3 people. I can only remember one other time (that I've been there) where there's been 4 people.

I got some stuff done on my sweater.

Denise pointed out that I'm a liar because my sock wasn't really finished (the ends haven't been woven in yet). Oops...

Came home, worked on the sweater even more and found another mistake in the pattern so I'm doing the math to work around that one right now. I think a lot of the numbers in the pattern are based off the number of stitches that were casted on, and we know that one was wrong. It's not so much that the pattern is wrong, I have a feeling it's just bad pattern writing. I have the right number of stitches on my needles, but I'm supposed to do another increse row, which if I do that I'll have too many stitches.

Who knows, no real big deal.

Hope everyone's having a great day so far. I hope this rain doesn't last long because I volunteered at Orientation again this weekend and that's where I'll be for the next few days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's hard to imagine rain.. where I live, it's sunny and hot. Summer already -- a month early for this climate. Very strange!

Still love that yarn you're using...

-- yer secret pal

1:55 PM  
Blogger Sorka said...

Ratted on yourself eh?
I still think you should take the toe back like two rows and re graft it.. oh you of the square toes..
But it looks great!! hope the second one turns out!

3:31 PM  

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