Monday, June 12, 2006


Blogger ate my post. I hate when it does that.

My Secret Pal sent me cool things that arrived in the mail today! I apologize for the blurry picture and the fact that I really couldn't find a cool way to arrange the cute little things they gave me.
First off, the cute little items were wrapped in the coolest paper ever. It has duckies with devil horns. Also I was gifted with more fiber, a 66% wool, 34% angora rabbit blend. Also I got cute little school supplies! I love school supplies and colorful school supplies are even better. I also got little notebooks and bright little notecard things which are just fun. I love cute little school supply things.

Haha.. so much fun. This really did make my day though. My mom told me my sister should be getting a package in the mail today, so when the mailman rang the doorbell I was shocked to see two packages sitting there. Fun fun. I've become too addicted to this SP thing.

Oh, in Pomatomus news, it's pooling. If you didn't notice in the last post (I didn't), go back and look, it really shows it. I love it though. The stripes continue all the way around the sock so it has almost that candy-cane look too it. It's just great.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with pooling if it suits the yarn -- I think you are doing great on your pretty Pomatomi!

Glad you like the goodies. I'm a school-supply junkie too (no surprise!).

-- Yer Secret Pal

3:37 PM  

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