Friday, June 16, 2006

Quite the Progress

I'm coming along on Pomatomus. I turned the heel and am now working on the gusset. WOo! It's just beautiful... brings a tear to my eye...

Anyways, the beautiful Pomatomus is trying to convince me to rip my red sock that was bothering me. I did find out what was making my lovely lines, I was pulling too tight where the needles joined. My fear of ladders got the best of me I guess. So... I think I'm going to rip. Maybe I'll start the red Jaywalkers I've always dreamed of.

Speaking of Jaywalkers, we have a lovely little thing going with my tutoring job where if they behave/do their work/not give me headaches, they get points. After they get so many points we can have things knitted for us. One of the girls decided she wanted ankle socks. But she wanted slipper socks, not real socks, just ones to wear at home with fun fur kinda stuff around the cuff. Easy enough, slipper socks and red heart would work well, and wouldn't blow my budget at the same time. And as far as fuzzy yarn, it can't be hard to find some of that. It's everywhere and I hate the stuff! It's fun to knit with, and looks cute with kid's clothing, but I personally don't see myself wearing it unless I weave it into a purse or something. Well lately I've been dragging my Pomatomus to tutoring with me to entertain myself when the girls are actually working. They were quite fascinated with that sock and the pattern on it. So the girl who wanted socks decided she wanted a pattern on her sock, so she took to the internet in search of patterns. I directed her towards magknits and told her they had some cool patterns there. Guess what she found. Jaywalkers. "I like that one." She also decided she wanted real socks instead of slippers, but she likes the ankle ones which will cut the knitting time in half. Sounds great to me. Her sister decided she wanted a headband with the same blue yarn that I have already made into a scarf and legwarmers, except she wanted a pattern on her headband. She like Pomatomus. So looks like I'll have a Pomatomus headband in my future as well.

This means... an excuse to buy more yarn! So I drove out to the yarn shop, because I had several projects I needed yarn for, and there was good news and bad news. Good news: they had the yarn for the headband, and yarn for the baby sweaters I want to make. Bad news: they're out of the yarn I'm using for Pomatomus which is what the girl wanted for her socks. I got her some lovely pink yarn though that I hope she'll like.

I also started another baby sweater today. I have three more that I have to make (we found out my cousin was pregnant a few weeks ago. apparently we were the only ones who didn't know about the whole thing) They're all having boys too! So I bought some nice "kinda boys" colors at the Yarn shop and decided that the citrus TLC I had would make a nice little sweater for any baby gender. It's getting knit up first.

I even swatched! Aren't you all proud of me! My stitch count was right on, my row count not so much. It shouldn't matter though.

I've also casted on for the sweater but it's not very far yet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the colors for the new sweater! When do we get to see updated pix of your Pomatomus?

have a great weekend!

-- Yer Secret Pal.

7:13 PM  
Blogger Sourire11 said...

I second your sp about the updated Pomatomus pics! :-)

sounds like you have lots of fun projects planned... i'm especially interested to see the headband... it sounds really cool!

1:51 PM  

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