Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Stupid Car.

In one of my many posts yesterday I mentioned that the heat must be making my car handle stick. Turns out that was a lie. Apparently everytime I lifted it up and it stuck a little I was really just jamming it more. Found that out this morning when I couldn't get into my car. So I jumped in the passenger side and crawled over to the driver's side. This proved very difficult seeing as how I drive a teeny tiny car. I have a 3-door coupe. There isn't tons of room.

Look at picture. Of course this isn't my car. Mine has a third door on the drivers side, but other than that it's identical to mine. Same color and everything. Another thing that made life difficult was the fact that I had the seat up all the way which didn't leave me much jumping room. Fortunately I was smart enough to push my seat all the way back when I got out for school and work; however, I forgot to do this when I got home from work which will mean an interesting dive over the seat in the morning.

Well after school we took it to our favorite car place to get an estimate for getting it fixed, and the estimate we got was quite reasonable assuming we buy the parts. So then we hopped over to the Saturn Dealership to have them get the parts. Turns out the parts are more expensive than the labor itself if we go to the auto place to have them fix it. So the parts have been ordered, now we'll jusdt wait.

The good news: I can get out of my driver's side door no problem! :-D

Hope everyone's having a good day.

edited to add: apparently the car in the picture does have 3 doors! Mine doesn't have anti-lock brakes though. I've never driven a car with anti-lock breaks though so I'm used to it.


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