Thursday, December 07, 2006

I love Break.

Last day of exams today! YEA! The first one today was bad. No clue how well I did on it. In fact I feel the same way about all of my exams.

The only one that I know... is bad. BUT it was high enough that it didn't hurt my grade so I got the B- I needed to pass the class! (This is all I really cared about.) Hopefully my other grades will be high enough so that I keep that 3.0 I need.

I've ordered some things online recently. A lot of things actually. I decided last Friday night that I needed some knit picks circulars so that I could make socks two at a time. So I ordered my needles and some patterns. NO YARN! I didn't need my stash any bigger.

Then after I frogged an entire sock on Saturday I decided I needed a spinning wheel. (Why I decided this... I'm not sure.) But I think it had something to do with the fact that I decided I didn't want to take a spindle if I join the spinning guild. I wanted a portable wheel. This led to researching wheels.

Somewhere along my search I saw something reminding people to order early to get their things in time for Christmas. I panicked. I wanted a wheel before January... so that order was placed on Sunday. The wheel was shipped first thing Monday morning and along with the wheel came a $40 gift certificate to the store. I had to use it right away. You never know.. I might forget I had a gift certificate... So that order was placed Monday night (I only spend $1.40 over the certificate price so I paid shipping plus $2) I got fiber. Nice fiber. The fiber shipped Tuesday morning and it showed up on my door today. The last thing shipped and the first to arrive.

80 Merino/20 Kid. The color in this picture is exactly the way it looks.

70 Merino/30 Tencel. Again the color is pretty acurate, it's a little darker pink though.And last but not least. SILK! It's pretty... I took it out of the packaging to feel in and it was sticking on my horribly dried hands so it's staying in it's baggie until my hands are smoother.


Blogger Melissa said...

Good luck on the finals! My cousin just finished hers and is so relieved! The fiber is phenominally gorgeous, especially the silk.
Get some Heal My Hands from Scout...that will help. You can also make a homemade scrub with a little salt, sugar, and liquid soap. Scrub your hands really well to remove the dead skin and then lotion, lotion, lotion!!

10:27 AM  

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