Tuesday, October 10, 2006

One Pomatomus

Finished the first Pomatomus. Finally. It was actually finished yesterday morning, but because my boyfriend and I have practically spent all weekend together, nothing really got posted about. As soon as I finished the sock I tried it on my foot out of fear it would be too small. And it was TIGHT! So I worried, tried to assure myself his legs were thinner than mine, and forced him to try it on when he got here last night.

I made him pose for pictures, but then he wouldn't take it off, because it was his and he wanted to wear it.

I know, I know... hard to see. But he likes blue. It's easy to see the pattern in real life, just impossible to take a picture of.And it pooled everywhere except fort he heel and toe. Go figure.

This makes me wonder. The washing instructions say hand wash. The thing I want to know is whould it hurt the socks if they were machine washed cold on a delicate or gentle cycle? This has been bugging me. My mom told me to go ahead and wash on cold, but I don't want to ruin them either. Opinions please?

Now comes the real task of remembering how I made the first one. I took very little notes, and I faced so many stupid little issues making it toe up, things that could definitely be fixed on the second, but I feel like I should make the second the same as the first.


Blogger Valerie said...

If it's not superwash wool, then washing machine on cold runs the risk of some felting. This is because things CAN felt from agitation in water, even if the water isn't hot. It might cause some shrinkage; it is likely it would blur the stitches. If it's superwash wool but they just SAY hand wash, then you can risk it. If it's a wool/manmade blend, you might be able to take your chances.

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