Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tale of Two Socks

Hi. I'm killing time! (I really don't feel like doing homework.) And I really don't have much homework so maybe I'm not in too bad of shape.

So I decided way back when SP8 started, and I bought some cool sock yarn, that I would make my dad socks for Christmas, maybe his birthday. All depended on when I actually got around to doing it. So for the last two weeks I've been saying, "two weeks to make dad socks before his birthday. two weeks left. two weeks. two weeks." Well... it's not always two weeks, which is a fact I guess I just overlooked.
Dad's Birthday was today, and his socks aren't quite done. They aren't quite started either, so now we're aiming for Christmas. However, I'm going to try to finish my boyfriends socks for our little dating anniversary things. You know how us teenagers are, we celebrate every little thing. So he's getting socks, hopefully. The good news? I'm a lot farther along on his socks than on my dads. Our anniversary is 18 days away. So if I only knit his socks, I just might be okay.Can we say pooling with the boyfriend socks? I think so. Major pooling.


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