Friday, September 01, 2006

I want this sweater

September MagKnits is up and I want this sweater. The yarn prices aren't too horrible either. In the yarn called for it would cost somewhere over $50 which isn't horrible for quality yarn. Whether or not I would actually use that yarn is another story. It's likely with my stash issues I won't be buying yarn for awhile.I've been knitting as much as possible considering the math homework that has collected from three math classes. My favorite thing is "travel" knitting. aka socks. While finishing up my purple pomatomus my boyfriend decided he wanted a pair of purple ones that went much higher. Unfortunatley for him yarn was already purchased for his socks, and it was a color that he picked out. I'll give him his pomatomus, but they're going to be toe-up, that way I can make them as high as possible. These are a pain to knit when traveling, so I started another pair of regular socks with that cheap acrylic yarn I bought a few weeks ago along with the massive amount of baby yarn. The colors are growing on me. They're just so spring like. Or maybe it's the self-striping addiction that I have.

Either way, they're going to live in my purse and entertain me between classes at school and at red lights should traffic be horrific like it was today.

So I started the blue hat Tuesday because we needed one to match the pink one. Did the math, all went well. Casted on. Casted on too many. Didn't noticed. Increased, to an even bigger size, got ready to start the decreases, and I counted my stitches. Oh! The frustration. So it got ripped. I'm determined to finish it pretty quickly, and it won't take long at all.
Here's what progress I've made tonight.

Hopefully there will be tons of knitting (and homework) completed over the weekend. I guess I should probably put homework first, but it's just soooo hard. I know there's yarn in my bag and it taunts me during class.


Blogger Jennifer said...

that sweater is too cute!!

6:58 AM  
Blogger Sorka said...

Hmm looks like someone needs to earn herself some yarn money heheh.. hmmm I know a way to do that!
heheh,.I am soooo baaaaad

2:24 PM  

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