Friday, February 17, 2006

1/2 way

Meet Oreo, the yarn-eating-cat... He just looks evil in this picture doesn't he?

First half is completed...

Here's a lovely close up of the end... I think it's so pretty. It was the whole reason I decided on this pattern.

Work has began on the second half.

I have nothing much to say. I came to the conclusion at pep band on Tuesday that I wasn't taking this scarf with me ever again to work on. After the post-it blows of the chart 30 times you're ready to scream... nothing more fun than chasing your pattern around. I think I'll take either my orange scarf, or my charity project. I'll see what kind of mood I'm in. I'd like to get the orange one off the needles, and I think it's almost done. It would definitely be brainless enough for a basketball game.

I'm thrilled it's Friday, I have Monday and Tuesday off for Presidents Day, which makes this weekend even better. Unfortunately I have homework, which I think I'm going to do on Sunday. I also have a Calculus II test (in the real world i'm in Calculus III), which I'm doomed to fail, but I have hope! If I do nothing but study I should be okay.


Blogger Steve Middleton said...

Nice to see the cat - not so evil to me!
Maybe your cat could catch all the birds with flu - and save humanity!

8:04 PM  

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