Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Same old

Well there's nothing new with my scarf. It's still coming along... I'm getting closer and closer to half of it being done. ::cheers::

I took it to the basketball game last night. I've found it very difficult to work on that at the game so it will no longer be joining me in my pep band adventures. See, my place is being held by a post-it note, bright orange ones to be exact. Well the pep band sits under a fan, which blows a constant cold breeze on us throughout the game. It's pretty bad. I can deal with the cold, my knitting distracts me, but I can't stand my post-it notes falling off my chart, or my paper flying off my lap. I'm taking my other scarf to pep band. It's a nice one done in a garter stitch that will be nice and mindless allowing for easy game watching. The cold air is really annoying though. By the end of the games (men and women's) I couldn't feel my feet or hands (and this is inside a building). We've come to the conclusion that it is much warmer outside than it actually is inside.


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