Monday, January 23, 2006


Well I was fine all weekend, but woke up today and was miserably sick. So I decided to not go to class. Yes, I know I'm only a freshman in college, but so far this year I hadn't missed one class and I was so proud of myself. After almost passing out a few times I decided it was best not to get in my little car to drive to school. It was probably a good decision, because four hours later I still feel miserable. It hasn't gotten much better, and it's probably all been made worse by the fact that I can't seem to eat anything without a strong desire to get sick again. I emailed my professors to see what I missed and if they had any homework I should work on, but since no one's emailed me back I think I'm going to go lock myself in my room, type an essay for Geometry class, and see if I can finish sewing all those little diamonds on my blanket. That's the worst thing about knitting or crocheting, sewing things together.


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